Who We Are

Flamingo Divers is dedicated to teaching students how to use scuba gear properly and experience the exhilaration of SCUBA diving. We are SCUBA diving instructors, and not in the business of selling masks, fins and snorkels. (we can, however, help you select these items, but teaching you how to use them properly and
safely is our business). 

After years of diving ourselves, we have experienced numerous environments and situations that the average diver may not have. As a result, all of our teaching methods are based on “worst case” scenarios…..We will teach

you all of the “little tricks” that we have found to make your diving more enjoying and trouble free (Why not learn how to deal with novel situations when first learning rather than altering your techniques later!!) All of our rental gear has been purchased with the local diving environment in mind. Our regulators are environmentally sealed for the cooler Alberta waters, and any gear that we may help you purchase, will be with the local diving conditions in mind. Now you can start out with the “proper” gear first, rather than having to replace gear later!

Flamingo Divers….. Your PADI SCUBA diving professionals.

Who We Are
Instructor (Big Flamingo):
Perry “Taco” Sollway

Assistant Instructor (Assistant Big Flamingo):
Larry “Rock” Holland

Dive Masters 
Denis “Bubbles” Belland
Mike “Ribz” Colgan
David “Zero” Cooper 

Duncan “Heinz” Currie
Ryan “Ringo” Falkenberg 
Jim “Grandpa” Goodwin
Andrew “Cookie” Keeler
Wade “Frumpy” Marke
Mark “Test Pilot” Schendel
Cam “Camster” Wilson

Dive Master Candidates(Flamingoettes in Training)
Johnny Cabbagetruck 
Trevor Cramer 
Mitchel Cisar
Patrick Cisar
Jonathan “Sherpa” Cooper
Daniel “Kermit” Desilets
Robert “Woody” Desliets
Larry Hohnstein
Shawn Hutchinson
Karen Keeler 
Nels “Duck” Lindquist 
Jason Millar
Bruce “Turtle” Simpson
James Swinton 
Christy “Sox” Wendell