Specialty and More

The most fun that you will ever have wearing SCUBA gear will be on the RESCUE course. After completing PADI Adventures in Diving, your Rescue course will consist of 2 classroom sessions (conducted over 2 mornings at the lake, followed by a multiple choice exam) and your participation in 12 diving accident scenarios. Here, as well as realizing the full extent of the dive skills that you already possess (but never thought you did), you will learn how to handle various accident situations and how to effectively interact with other individuals in an efficient manner. The rescue class is conducted over one weekend, late in August or early in September at Twin Lakes (near Winfield or Pigeon Lake). The completed knowledge reviews from the PADI Rescue manual must be completed before arriving at the dive site. 

Upon completing the PADI Divemaster course you have become a PADI professional. You are an integral part of the PADI educational team, 
teaching the world to dive while bestowing your exuberance and enthusiasm to
all of those new drivers who now wear the booties that you once wore as a student. 

The course progresses along a timeline that YOU have set out for yourself, usually taking one year to fulfill all of the training requirements. Here we further advance your diving knowledge and hone your driving skills to demonstration quality. You experience hands-on 
time with students, both in the pool and in open water, under the direct supervision of a PADI instructor. 

Give FLAMINGO DIVERS a call to learn more about becoming a PADI divemaster.