Advanced Diver Training

After experiencing the exhilaration of your 4 open water dives, you may wish to continue your training with PADI's ADVENTURES IN DIVING program. Here, through instruction in specific areas of diving, you become more confident in your diving skills. Flamingo Divers offers this course, on average, once a month. We meet at Lac Beauvert (see map) in Jasper on Friday night, where we conduct a NIGHT dive (watch out for golf balls on the bottom!!!). 8 AM Saturday comes and finds us at Lake Annette (remember your open water dives) where we partake in a relaxing ALTITUDE dive. Here we review, all of the special rules we use when we dive at altitude. The afternoon sees us towing unique looking floats around Lake Annette, conducting a NAVIGATION dive. You experience the necessity of diving with a compass and a few tricks to navigating around the lake. Weather conditions dictate the schedule for Sunday.

If all is well (and we have availability of a boat) we venture to Patricia Lake to dive on the historical site "Habbakuk".... a sunken WW2 barge prototype. Here a DEEP dive from 60 to 90 feet is conducted, and after a short surface interval, a WRECK dive, where you obtain a personally guided tour of the wreck. If this dive site is inaccessible, our deep dive will be conducted in Lac Beauvert, followed by a SEARCH AND RECOVERY dive, where you will (by various search methods) locate sunken objects in the lake and float some to the surface using an air bag. This program involves no formal classroom sessions, as all teaching is conducted at the lake. The students MUST, nevertheless, come to the lakes prepared for these weekend dives. ALL KNOWLEDGE REVIEWS for those selected elective dives MUST BE COMPLETED PRIOR TO THE STUDENT ENTERING THE WATER. As you are experiencing new situations, you will also need some "specialized" gear.

Additional required gear:

  • PADI Adventures in Diving manual (included in course fee)
  • Dive slate with attached pencil (the slate that accompanies your manual is fine) 
  • Underwater compass 
  • Dive knife
  • Primary underwater dive light
  • Glow stick (green suggested) with tie-wrap
  • Secondary back up light (suggested)
  • Watch or bottom timer

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